Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Azalea Nazemi dedicatedly pursues her long-term passion of revolutionizing the art of shoe making. She started making her own shoes from the very early days of her college studies at the Art University of Tehran, the top ranked art university in the region, where she studied clothing and textile design.

To grasp the real feeling of the region’s folklore fashion origins and to learn the traditional shoe making practices, Azalea traveled to numerous neighboring countries to learn the cutting-edge designs. After years of practice and dedication,she established her own brand, AZALEE, were she brings to life her novel creativity of combining the modern fashion trends with a touch of her inspirations from traditional heritage.

The megacity of Tehran, at the heart of Middle-East, with over 2000 years of ancient history, houses over 16 million people with highly diverse cultures that ranges from extremely traditional to highly modern and global cultures. Inspired by such a vast spectrum, Azalea design concepts combine the modern art trends with a touch of historical heritage and the region’s happenings.

In her sketches, she brings together an approach on life, fashion, and social complexity. Committed to making state-of-the-art handcrafted shoes, Azalea utilizes the best traditional shoemaking practices and the unique craftsmanship could easily be spotted in her products.

At AZALEE, the best quality materials and passionate detailed work comes together to create timeless products that are beautiful, refined, and unique.